In car entertainment systems and car stereo

In car entertainment systems and car stereo

The car entertainment system or ICE system refers to all modern multimedia devices in vehicles that serve as entertainment, leisure and utility systems. These include all audio / video and navigation devices.

Although video audio systems fall under this category, it is fair to say that they also have their own separate existence.

The term In Car Entertainment has been around ever since the first cars hit the road and it has evolved since then. Modern ICE consists of advanced technology and hosts a number of high-tech features to make our device a pleasant experience.

Modern Day In Car Entertainment Systems, the simple Car Audio system is pared. A cassette player cum Car Radio was the first member of this family. The exercise of listening to their favorite music while driving got quick acceptance when people realized that it could make trips to exciting memories. Some form of entertainment kills the sadness associated with long road traffic and the first and still the main type of entertainment in vehicles is listening to music.

A car station system is classified as the basic and most used car entertainment system. Modern car audio systems, however, do much more than just play music. They can also play music stored on different devices in different formats and connect with different other devices as well.

With advanced features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Ipod Connection, Steering Wheel, Telephone Connection, Remote Control, TV, etc., the modern Car Audio system has evolved into a complete entertainment system.

Sound systems in cars play music from CDs, DVDs, cassettes and portable storage devices. With advanced connectivity features, you can pair all other devices like iPod, mobile phone, etc. with your car drive system and enjoy combined features like using car speakers as a handsfree device for your phone.

High-end audio systems also have LCD and TFT displays, while some audio systems support GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) and SatNav (satellite navigation), making them an important car accessory. Such features include essential navigation equipment that helps the driver to effectively manage routes.

A decent quality head combined with speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers can provide a useful audio system that can produce good music inside the cabin. However, this is not enough for todays vehicles.

A new addition to the In Car Entertainment System has been video game consoles and large retractable screens inside the cabin. A concept popularized by some TV shows about car customization has raised this issue about this nation. Usually game consoles and displays are played on the back of the vehicle so that it does not disturb the driver.

Satellite TV in vehicles is another feature that quickly becomes popular. There are certainly people who prefer to take the backseat and catch their favorite TV shows while on the move. This is an add-on to existing CD / DVD players in vehicles.

Because all of these features require additional electrical energy, most vehicles are equipped with capacitors and additional energy storage devices that are used only to power the ICE systems. If your car sports a lot of gadgetry and has some entertainment systems but no extra power storage device, you should consider investing in one or ending with a dead battery.

In addition to the excess in your vehicle would result in obesity as well. This will result in low fuel economy or gas mileage. You should consider this before going to heavy speakers and amplifiers.

You may also want to consider that all entertainment devices, especially visual, can be a distraction while driving. If youre not comfortable with the idea of ​​being surrounded by multimedia devices while driving, you should not invest in one.

The ICE system is definitely a buzzword in the automotive world today and future improvements to this concept will definitely provide more features and features that make our vehicles more exciting and entertaining.

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