High Hopes


Written by:  Jimmy Van Heusen

Written by:  Sammy Cahn

Arranged By:  Nelson Riddle

From the Album:  The Capitol Years, Disc 3

From the Film:  A Hole In The Head  (1959)

Label:  Capitol Records

Recorded:  May 8, 1959



<SPOKEN by Frank> "Have fun now, boys and girls.      Relax."

<unknown SPEAKER> One, two


NOTE: words inside (parentheses) are sung by children only.

Words in {brackets} are sung by Frank AND children


(Next time you're found with your chin on the ground)

(There's a lot to be learned    so look around)


Just what makes that little ole ant

Think he'll move that rubber tree plant?

Anyone knows an ant can't

Move a rubber tree plant


{But he's got hi-i-igh hopes, he's got hi-i-igh hopes}

{He's got high apple pi-i-ie-in-the-sk-y-y hopes}

So, any time you're gettin' low, 'stead of lettin' go, just remember that ant

Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant

 (Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant)

{Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant}


(When troubles call and your back's to the wall)

(There a lot to be learned   that wall could fall)


Once there was a silly old ram

Thought he'd punch a hole in a dam

No one could make that ram scram

He kept buttin' that dam


{'cause he had hi-i-igh hopes, he had hi-i-igh hopes}

{He had high apple pi-i-ie-in-the-sk-y-y hopes}

So,  any time your feelin' bad, 'stead of feelin' sad, just remember that ram

Oops, there goes a billion-kilowatt dam

 (Oops, there goes a billion-kilowatt dam)

{Oops, there goes a billion-kilowatt dam }



<brief instrumental>


<One girl's voice>      (A problem's just a toy balloon, they'll be bursted soon)

(They're just bound to go pop)  <SOUND EFEFCT-"Pop!">

<Frank chimes in>

Oops, there goes another problem ker-plop

 (Oops, there goes another problem ker-plop)

{Oops, there goes another problem ker-plop}