Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WATCH THIS! Bono introducing Frank at the 1994 Grammy Awards.

UPDATE (7/29/08): I hope you got to see these videos while they lasted because, as predicted, they've been yanked from YouTube.

I hadn't seen this clip since the Grammys aired live 14 years ago but through the magic of the Web I present it for your viewing pleasure below...I'm sure it won't last long so be sure to watch. If you recall, there was some controversy about this speech because Frank was cut off by the band and the broadcast went to commercial. You also watch host Garry Shandling's response to the slight below.

Frank called Bono's speech: "probably the best introduction I've ever had." If it gets yanked off YouTube, you can read the transcript in the "QUOTES" section of the site.

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