Friday, November 14, 2008

Turning In His Grave....

It's been three months since my last post and that's because it's taken that long for the bad taste in my mouth to fade. The source of my displeasure was the TV commercial featuring Diddy (aka: Puff Daddy, real name: Sean Combs) having a sophisticated party at what turns out to be one of Frank's previous homes in California while "Come Fly With Me" plays in the background. Chances are you've seen the commercial.

My problem is not with Diddy or the message he's trying to convey by having a classy party and drinking his new brand of Vodka. My problem is with the stretch Sinatra's representatives are making by linking his music to Diddy. They've sold out hardcore because if Frank Sinatra wasn't a fan of Elvis' music I HIGHLY doubt he would have been able find anything notable about Diddy's. If you're going to maintain a legacy in line with a person's character and taste it is crucial that everything you choose to promote would have been endorsed by that individual. I can't think of a worse choice.

At 29 years old I can appreciate some of Diddy's music....but the commercial just doesn't make sense in that Frank never had any connection to the rap community. I'm left disappointed yet again in the direction the people in charge of Sinatra's "brand" have chosen to go with Frank's legacy. Frank's music will live on with me but there's already a younger generation that doesn't know who he was or what he represented....except that fact that he would have really loved Diddy's vodka!