Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pavarotti's Singing Advice (Larry King Live, CNN 1988)

Click on the photo above to be directed to CNN's website for a short clip of an interview Frank did with Larry King in 1988. He discusses a simple solution offered to him by the legend Luciano Pavarotti.

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Blogger Footlancer said...

That video looks like it is no longer around, but I'd really like to know what the advice was! I can't find a transcript of that interview either!

Do you know what it was?

February 5, 2009 3:57 AM  
Blogger ken said...

Pavarotti's singing advice was "Learning music by reading about it is like making love by mail." and then he said : "For me, music making is the most joyful activity possible, the most perfect expression of any emotion. If you can master this, you have won half the battle."


April 21, 2010 3:30 PM  

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