Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sirius Radio to Honor Frank Sinatra Today

Starting at 9AM this morning, Sirius Satellite Radio will commemorate Frank's legacy with an all-day celebration of his life and musical career on Siriusly Sinatra channel 75.

The day-long tribute to Frank Sinatra on the 10th anniversary of his passing will feature a special edition of Nancy for Frank, hosted by Nancy Sinatra and her daughter, A.J. Lambert, which will start at 1 pm EDT. Frank Sinatra, Jr. will host As I Remember It, a personal retrospective on his father starting at 4 pm EDT.

Sirius will start the broadcast event at 9 am EDT with the premiere of a new "Live in Vegas" edition of The Chairman's Hour, Siriusly Sinatra's unique and innovative weekly show hosted by Frank Sinatra himself through the use of archival materials.


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