Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Frank Sinatra Has A Cold - (Esquire 1966)

This story ran in Esquire in April of 1966 and has been republished by the magazine on its website. Link is below.

I'm impressed by the way author Gay Talese captures the inner workings of Sinatra without actually interviewing him. It is almost completely an observational piece but Talese succeeds in making the reader feel as if he is present for the many different Sinatra moments he describes. It seems as if Sinatra wears his emotions on his sleeve to such a great degree that just describing his actions is as effective as asking him direct questions. Frank Sinatra was transparent yet unpredictable.

If you'd like to engulf yourself in Frank's world for a short while I highly recommend this article. It takes you from his relationships with his wives and ex-wives to his adoration of his parents to his need to keep his close friends with him at all times (the first official celebrity entourage). The most telling portion of the story centers around his desire to get away from the widespread publicity and the paparazzi but his obvious respect for his fans and his co-workers on an individual level. Sit down, play some Sinatra, and take 20 minutes to read this article....



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