Monday, December 3, 2007

The Spirit of Sinatra (the first post from 2000)

Many people ask me why Frank Sinatra is my favorite singer. My answer: just listen to him and you'll know.
When I was about 12 years-old I first heard "The Voice" on my older sister's Reprise Collection CD. I was hooked from the first note and to this day I can listen to the entire album all the way through. My collection has eclipsed 100 CDs, over 20 records, numerous collectibles, and now a webpage.
When Frank passed away in May of 1998 it was one week before I was to attend a Sons of Italy scholarship ceremony (of which my brother was a recipient) which included a special tribute to Frank. His wife Barbara was scheduled to attend but Frank's death obviously made that impossible. That night proved to me that Frank will never die.
Since his passing, I've formulated a theory based on how Frank Sinatra lives on post mortem. If you make yourself aware of it, there is a Frank reference in everyone's life daily. Whether it be the tune of "I've Got You Under My Skin" in a shampoo commercial or a direct mention of Ol' Blue Eyes, there are constant reminders of his life every day. It's an eerie and amazing tribute to the influence Frank Sinatra had on American society.
His personality, swagger, and voice will survive, there is no doubt about that. The younger generations will adopt him as their own and will be as amazed as I was by his legendary life and music.
Incidentally, Frank's favorite color was orange and he was known for his blue eyes so those are the colors you will see the most on this site. So toss on a Frank album, there's always one available, and please enjoy this small tribute to a great entertainer and a great man.
Without further ado...I give you FRANK SINATRA!!!


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